Liebster Award

Wow! Thank you soo much Bafikile for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! I think this is such a great idea for us bloggers to get to know a little bit more about each other 🙂 Please be sure to follow Bafikiles blog!! I love reading her posts and I find her blog really inspiring!! Thank again for the nomination!!



  1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers (with under 200 followers)
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  4. Let them know that you have nominated them

Bafikile’s Questions to nominees:

  • What do you love about blogging?
    • What I love about blogging is that I’m able to express myself in so many different ways. In writing, pictures, in so many ways. I find it a place where I could just be myself and show others what I love to do or what I’m thinking! Blogging is such a great way to relax yourself and just be you.
  • What or who motivates you? (in general)
    • What motivates me the most is probably my family. I want them to have it all, I don’t want to see them struggle in any sort of way. So if I could help I will, no doubt. They are my motivators to get my goals in life done.
  • What is your favorite color?
    • My Favorite color is TEAL
  • What is your favorite food (dish)?
    • OMGG, FOOOOD lol this is a hard one so many great food !! I’m probably going to go with a Mexican Dish, Enchiladas!! YUMMM
  • What is your favourite travel destination?
    • My absolute favorite place to travel is Mexico. My parents are originally from their so I love to know where I’m from and my roots.
  • What kind of music do you like? Favorite song?
    • My favorite genre of music would be Pop, Hip-Hop & Banda…My favorite song is Drake- Passionfruit
  • What is your favourite perfume?
    • Any Marc Jacobs Fragrance ❤
  • Do you have a pet?  If so, what is your favorite thing about your special friend?
    • I have a Goldfish his name is Cushio, He is 1 year 4 months! He’s gotten around 2 inches compared to when I got him around 3 cm. LOL
  • Describe yourself in two words?
    • Honest & Unpredictable
  • What would your dream job be?
    • Hmmm, Traveler
  • Are you a morning or a night type of person?
    • I would say a morning person lol even though its hard to get up lol.


KariinaBEAUTY’s Questions for nominees:

  • What do you love the most about blogging?
  • Where are you from? & What’s you favorite thing to do there?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Favorite Hobby?
  • Do you collect anything?
  • Where would you love to travel to?
  • Favorite Color?
  • 3 things you can’t live without?
  • Favorite song or genre?
  • What would be your dream job?
  • Describe yourself in 2 words
  • Would you like to go back in time and change something? What & Why?

My Nominations

Thanks so much for reading guys 😊😊😊


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