DēvaCurl Update* Buy It or Skip


So recently, more specifically on April 3rd I purchased my first DevaCurl product. I was super excited to try because come on now DevaCurl has some awesome stuff for us curly haired girls. The DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler goes for $28 bucks!!! I bought it at ULTA because I get 25% off (Employee Discount) but still its one pricey tool.

First day I try this, I’m like okay I like the way it smells and the feel isn’t like gel but a heavy cream. I probably put like 3 pumps in my hair all over. The next day I notice my hair is a bit more frizzy than usual. So I repeat this method for the following 2 weeks and I realize I don’t like this product at all. My $5 Garnier Fructis hair cream works waaay better than this $28 cream. My hair isn’t long so I was surprised that this only lasted 2 weeks.

If you get this cream you will need other products in your hair to help manage your hair because this alone won’t do the job. All the times I used this product I used it alone because come on now its expensive and should work by itself perfectly. I am super dissapointed because I thought I would find my holy grail! But unfortuntaley NO. I won’t be repurchasing this product but I’m willing to try some more DevaCurl products in the future.


These are my personal opinions and mean no harm if their your favorites. I’m sorry if my experience was a bad one. I just want to be completly honest. 

Below I added a picture of the ingredients and the details of the product. (The pictures are my own)


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